Nu heb jij de controle...

H2O Direct is verheugd een uitbreiding van de IEN-familie aan te kondigen, de nieuwe VH IEN-filterserie.

As well as a fixed 30% bypass system filter, H2O can offer a range of variable bypass filters enabling users to have flexibility and choose the level they require ranging from 0 to 70%. The filter contains a pH stabiliser and is a 7 stage filtration system. The technology within these filters reduce scale build up and prevent unpleasant metallic and /or chlorine tastes with an easy change auto water shut off facility, whilst protecting your machinery against costly break downs.

Water in verschillende delen van het land varieert in de hoeveelheid opgeloste minerale ionen die het bevat. Dit bepaalt of het hard of zacht water is. Aan beide zijn voor- en nadelen verbonden, maar de schade die door hard water kan worden toegebracht aan warmedrankenmachines en -toestellen, betekent dat het water in verschillende mate moet worden gefilterd.

The benefit of this filter is to allow the user to alter the blending of the water through the filter, where the existing hardness or ph. level needs to be changed. This filter offers an ideal solution for those who want to offer their consumers the best hot drink experience. In-house testing resulted in these ranges of filters providing superior performance and efficiency when compared to other leading brands.

Beschikbare opties:

  • VH-IEN 1500, VH-IEN 3000, VH-IEN 6000, VH-IEN 9000