The production of Tea/Coffee is a scientific process. To make great tasting coffee or tea you need to have great quality water and this has always been a contentious and problematic issue for the drinks vending industry due to issues with taste and also machine reliability.

The main problem for machine operators/service companies is that the water in our country is constantly changing and in some areas water supply companies frequently mix localised water with other water sourced from around the country, therefore causing fluctuating pH levels.

The IEN range of filters contain Microfilters specially designed 30% by-pass system for water blending which helps prevent scale build up and keep pH levels stable.

Scale build up prevention is a better solution than costly machine repairs and H2O consider this range to be the best for the drinks vending machine market.


  • Mix of Ion Exchange Resins
  • Scale build up will be minimal
  • Filters bad taste/odour
  • Best quality end products
  • Satisfied customers
  • Uninterrupted business

Options Available:

  • IEN-1500
  • IEN-3000
  • IEN-6000
  • IEN-9000